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the art room

hi! i'm miss gaby and i am the art teacher over here at THE ART ROOM. this has been a long time dream of mine to have an art room of my own.

i am originally from new york. I have my masters in communication studies and art education K-12. fast forward a few years, i met a great guy from the midwest, got my minnesota visual arts k-12 license and moved half way across the country. i have taught art in the public school system for 6 years prior to starting the art room. my husband and i now have four beautiful children and a big old doodle of a dog. 

The art room is a renovated barn garage in orono, Minnesota. a sweet little  space with a big heart. my husband (derek), my daughter (sloane) and my sons (aiden, ezra & ari) are key contributors to this idea of mine. they know being an art teacher is my dream job!

now that we have the space, it will be one of my greatest adventures inspiring young artists to create, learn and love in the art room.
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